Day: February 16th, 2007

A pair of parties

Friday, February 16th, 2007 | All Things, Eats, Friends

After weeks of drama, the day finally arrived for TL and LN’s farewell reception. The luncheon ended on a sweet note with a custom cake from Fairway Market, which was the best choice, given our extremely limited budget, and need to accommodate various food allergies (chocolate) and dietary requirements (kosher). Ah, good ol’ Fairway. By pre-paying the order earlier in the week, I managed to avoid most of the morning crowds already forming at the registers. But getting that immense white cardboard bakery box to the station along snow dusted streets, and then downtown on the subway during rush hour, was another matter entirely. Comical, actually… but only in retrospect.

72nd Street Station

Best of Luck Cake

Next time, perhaps we’ll try the custom cakes at Billy’s Bakery in Chelsea or Umanoff & Parsons in TriBeCa. And spring for the delivery service.

After work, party # 2:

After several big birthday blowouts, SYB decided to keep the festivities low-key this year with drinks and dinner among his nearest and dearest, which also included JL (x2), AH, RV, AB and of course, HYB. I wore my “Team Servilia” tee for the occasion because, you know, “Atia is a Tramp.”

I had recently won a happy hour at Stone Creek — $10pp open bar! – so the stars seemed aligned to make Curry Hill the starting point for the evening’s plans.

Curry Hill

After some remarkably efficient imbibing, we made our way over to Bamiyan, chosen based on the success of previous outings and for its proximity to Stone Creek. We could not, however, walk out those doors without dropping a pair of quarters into the jukebox, branded awesomely enough, Rock-ola. Don’t stop believing!

Don’t Stop Believing

Over tasty and mostly vegan Afghani food, the table talk turned to lookists. We determined that SYB may be one, but that actress Mischa Barton almost surely isn’t. (I’ll spare you all the photographic — read: pornographic — evidence. You’re welcome.)

Happy birthday, SYB!

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