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Sunday, July 23rd, 2006 | All Things, Arts, Music

After a hearty lunch, I dragged my full belly (and leftover chilaquiles) through the Upper East Side. Out of habit, I peeked across at 94th Street, to check in on the old high school.

AC’s friend SC called while I was inside the East 86th Street Barnes and Noble. After exiting the store – because I know how it irks me when people persist in holding long, loud telephone conversations in a bookstore. And yes, I realize that a bookstore is not a library, but can we show some consideration? – we started comparing notes on books we’d read recently. Naturally, “The Da Vinci Code” came up. I explained — again — that no, I hadn’t read it, but that I was meaning to very soon. (And really, I am: current inertia to the contrary.) SC suggested that to better appreciate The Code, I should first read “Angels & Demons.”

What? There’s a prerequisite for this thing? Is this true? I’m even further behind than I thought.

By the way, I just learned that author Dan Brown made over $88M in 2005, earning him a top ten slot in Forbes’s Annual Celebrity 100. I’d like say that I learned this from a studious reading Forbes magazine, but the information was actually gleaned through my random viewing of VH1’s “Forbes Celebrity 100: Who Made Bank.”

Passed by Central Park’s Summerstage on the way home, where Maldita Vecindad, Konono No. 1, Daara J were performing to a raucous and appreciative crowd. I’m seeing Konono No. 1 in concert at S.O.B.’s on Monday, so more on them tomorrow.

At Red Shade Plaza in Riverside Park South, Chashama, the not-for-profit NYC arts organization, presented the last of their “Site Specific Sundays” performances this summer.

This interpretive dance piece — accompanied by zither and harp — was titled “Three Elements”. I think this was the “Air” segment…


…but I may not have been the only one the “interpretation” eluded.

Chashama Audience

The dance performances that followed were more mainstream, and accompanied by piped in Brazilian music.




About half a mile North, on Pier I, The talented Howard Fishman Quartet (plus two) performed two jamming sets, fresh off their three night stint at Joe’s Pub earlier in the summer.

Howard Fishman Quartet

Howard Fishman Quartet

Riverside Boats

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July 25, 2006

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