Day: July 5th, 2006

Live long and prosper

Wednesday, July 5th, 2006 | All Things, Friends

Yesterday’s staved off rains poured out of the sky this morning. By afternoon, the storm had passed.

Whitestone  Bridge

Stepped into the conference room for a staff meeting at work today and found that my co-workers had arranged for a surprise (belated) birthday lunch. Sweet! SK baited the new interns by introducing a discussion on comic book heroes and science fiction. I think the new boss was both amused and slightly alarmed by the flagrant fanboyism on display. I later assured her that one need only a passing acquaintance with the twin pillars of geekdom (Star Trek and Star Wars) and a scant familiarity with the DC Comics/Marvel Comics catalog to get by. But just not to mix up the latter two, lest fisticuffs ensue.

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