Hong Kong night markets

Saturday, June 17th, 2006 | All Things, Travel

Hong Kong’s Mong Kok — translated as “flourishing or busy corner” — is an area famous for its night markets where tourists and locals descend to buy a dizzying array of goods including lower-end electronics, fresh produce, clothing, toys, snacks, CDs, DVDs, knock-off designer bags, quasi-antiques, local crafts, and what can politely be referred to as “marital aids.” Lining the streets are a seemingly incongruous assortment of open air food stalls and fortune tellers.

To give a sense of the variety, here are some shots from earlier tonight, taken with my brand new Canon PowerShot. Aforementioned marital aids not included.

Produce stand:

Temple Street Market (1)



Temple Street Market:

Temple Street Market (2)

Semi-precious stone dealers:

Temple Street Market (4)


Temple Street Market (3)

Dragon beard candy” vendor:

Temple Street Market (5)

Mao statues:


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