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Sunday, August 5th, 2007 | All Things, Travel

127 Sale t-shirt

Last night’s stay had given us a rosier outlook on Kentucky, and we set out to do a bit of exploring along this last segment of our route.

Unfortunately, we were thwarted – twice – in our side trips this morning. First, at Lovers Leap Vineyard, which was a picturesque, if ultimately pointless detour. Then at the Four Roses Bourbon distillery, where we were turned away by the one person wandering the premises on a Sunday morning: an unfailingly genteel, elderly Southern gentleman. We probably should have anticipated as much; although 90-95% of the world’s bourbon-style whisky is produced in Kentucky, about half of the state’s 120 counties are completely dry, one quarter are wet, and the rest are managed under a prescribed set of specific rules (.pdf), e.g., no alcohol at all on Sundays, or individual drink sales allowed only on golf courses (seriously) or in restaurants with seating over 100.

Tobacco fields. Kentucky is the second biggest tobacco-producing state (.pdf), after North Carolina:

KY tobacco

KY tobacco

As we made our way north towards Ohio, we learned that just as the sales began earlier than advertised, they ended earlier, too. By 4PM most vendors were already packing up for the long drives home. After days and days of living on outdoor lots in makeshift tents and trailer parks, I don’t blame them.

Thanks to J’s eagle eye, I still managed to score not one – but two – of the vintage crocks I’d been coveting all week, so even though I never found my desk, I still felt the sale a success.

Crunk for Junk

Packing up


‘Til next year (maybe), Highway 127

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August 14, 2007

Crunk for junk?

August 14, 2007

More like junk from crunk.

January 6, 2008

ahh, Crank, Crunk, Crunken, how could I forget? 😉

Good thing there aren’t any grammarian police around.

They might think it’s truck load of crank and junk!!

Go for it ...