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Friday, August 3rd, 2007 | All Things, Travel

From Dayton, it was about a half hour’s drive to the 127 Corridor Sale.

Highway 127 Signs

We powered through intense, wilting heat all afternoon, stopping the car every couple miles or so to check out the sales along the way. We were surprised to discover after chatting with a few vendors, that although the official sale did not begin until Thursday morning, many professional dealers began hitting the route earlier in the week, to get first crack at the merchandise as the vendors set up for the weekend.

Which is to say, the best quality items had probably already been snatched up prior to our arrival. Still, with 630 miles of sales to trek, there was plenty yet to be bought.

Highway 127 Sale

Sale facilities. Having spent most of the day in a perpetual state of perspiration — some might even say, “sweating like a horse”–  I (thankfully) did not need to avail myself of these outhouses.

Highway 127 Sale

Highway 127 Sale

Highway 127 Sale

Highway 127 Sale

As we wound our way towards Jamestown, TN — the epicenter of the 127 Sale — traffic on the two-lane highway slowed to a crawl. I came thisclose to picking up a desk at our last (and largest) sale of the day, but decided to stand firm on the target price point I had previously established in my mind. No regrets: perhaps even less appealing than the idea of busting my budget so early into the trip was the prospect of spending the next 1,000 miles in the backseat crammed up against a bulky piece of furniture.

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August 9, 2007

They even sell parties!

Go for it ...