A Sweet(water) detour

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007 | All Things, Eats, Travel

A dubious first: today, I ended up rejecting a hotel room for the first time in my life. Now I’ve stayed in a lot of hotels, and luxury is not a requirement, but a minimum level of cleanliness and infestation is. Suffice to say, the decision to abandon the premises was unanimous.

Unfortunately, since every other hotel in town was booked solid due to the Sale, this meant finding alternate arrangements — and quickly. Garmin to the rescue again: Sweetwater, Tennessee — here we come!

It all worked out in the end. J even found us a grocery/restaurant for dinner that served some “Good ‘Ole’ Time Southern Cooking,” like “aigs & bacon” and “biskits & gravy.” The latter sounded like just the thing to me.  (Check out that gravy portion!)

Biskits and gravy

Dinner Bell biscuits

More 127 Sale photos on flickr.

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August 5, 2007

this sounds like my dream vacation…all that eatin’! Heh. Too bad I’d have a coronary right after…

August 6, 2007

Almost makes we wish we packed a defibrillator.

Go for it ...