Day: August 30th, 2006


Wednesday, August 30th, 2006 | All Things, Film

Alex returned to my apartment in the late morning to start work on the tub. Reglazing is apparently a rather involved task that entails using powerful chemicals to strip the tub, patching and smoothing the chips, etching the surface with acid, applying a primer and finally spraying on several coats of enamel glaze. The entire process took a few hours, sending clouds of noxious, high-inducing fumes throughout the apartment.

But in the end, I had a shiny, new tub (surface) to show for it, yay! And I’m sure this light-headedness will wear off eventually…

Later in the evening, B stopped by (with a bottle of cacha├ža — thanks!) and we took the subway downtown to Two Boots Pioneer Pizza for the premiere of Blogumentary — a lightweight documentary about the influence of web logs on media, politics and culture. Yep: it’s a film about bloggers blogging! The theatre was less than half full, despite the promoted appearance of the filmmaker, Chuck Olsen. Perhaps the relevance of blogs has been overhyped — another case of the vocal (or prolific) few generating disproportionate coverage and skewing general perception.

According to a recent article, a staggering 175,000 new blogs are created every day. Hmm… am I really just a cliche?

Two Boots

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