Rainy day

Thursday, June 29th, 2006 | All Things

I felt the first drops of moisture as I emerged from Penn Station. By the time I reached my destination three blocks away, the skies had opened, sending rivers of rainwater running through the streets. Only then did I think of my umbrella, hanging dry and useless on the coatrack in my office.

I waited for a lull, snapped this photo and bolted back into the subway station, dodging raindrops the entire way.


Later in the evening, at the Makor party, I met several members involved in the volunteer programs, including AH who participates in the Sojourners Detention Center Visitor Project, visiting new immigrants being held in federal custody as they seek asylum in the United States. Upon learning that I’d grown up in New York City, AH immediately followed up with the inevitable, “Which high school?”… despite the fact that we were both obviously years out of high school, and presumably had gone on to other schools since. Then we laughed, jointly recognizing one of the peculiarities of interactions among city kids meeting for the first time.

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