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Monday, February 4th, 2008 | All Things, Sports

Immediately after the Giants’ amazing Super Bowl victory last night, I was out on Columbus Avenue, taking in the spontaneous celebrations erupting in my neighborhood. At the Food Emporium to pick up drinks, it was an entirely different scene: empty aisles, and hardly an employee to be found on the floor or at the registers. As I made my way to the checkout lane, one of the cashiers hastily hustled over from the customer service station, where it seemed the entire supermarket staff was huddled around a mini-television set, jubilantly riveted to the post-game proceedings. I smiled, and with a gesture toward his co-workers, quipped, “So how about those Giants?”

He smiled back and replied in halting English, “Very good. It is a good day. A very good day.”

Yes, it is.

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