Day: September 13th, 2007

Wing Huang dumplings

Thursday, September 13th, 2007 | All Things, Eats

Wing Huang ne New Wing Wong ne Wing Wong is a humble little noodle shop on Lafayette, south of Canal where it appears to have operated under different name variations for a good number of years. I couldn’t really say for sure, though, because despite my frequent jaunts to the neighborhood, I’ve never set foot in the place prior to this afternoon. The feel suggests old-school Chinatown, as does the solidly Cantonese menu of cheap noodles, rice plates, congee and roasted meats.

Several people have praised this “hidden gem” of a noodle shop, particularly for its dumplings, and I suppose part of the reason I’ve never ventured to sample them here is that the shop is situated right next door to the somewhat more popular Excellent Dumpling House.

Wing Huang’s are very good, too.

Wing Huang noodles

David Waltuck, chef-owner of Chanterelle (and 2007 James Beard Best Chef, New York City winner) likes their whole roast duck ($14).

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