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Saturday, August 4th, 2007 | All Things, Eats

Of course, I couldn’t cover the sale without covering the food. Not the meals we ate, mind you, but the snack options available to us in the midst of all the actual shopping. And there were plenty.

Typical fair food: funnel cakes and corn dogs. I especially like the quote-veggie-unquote version touted here… probably because I’d seen “vegetable” interpreted rather broadly elsewhere.

Highway 127 eats

Gallons of fresh-brewed sweetened and unsweetened tea — or “sweet” and “un” in local parlance. Tons of barbecue, of course. This was one of the more elaborate food service stands. At some sales, there was just a giant smoking grill, with mystery meats piled on top.

Highway 127 eats

Local dining establishments did brisk business on ice cream (and fried balogna sandwiches):

Highway 127 eats

Ooh, I love kettle corn. And even in this almost unbearable heat — so hot that the first day’s flash thundershowers actually caused clouds of steam to rise up from the ground — the savory-sweet scent was irresistible.

Highway 127 eats

I will posit that one can only pass by about a dozen of these signs before giving in to sheer curiosity. (I did not feel the same way about fried pickles, which I also saw, but managed to forego sampling through the entire route.)

Fried Pies

At this particular stand in Kentucky, a handwritten sign promised fresh fried pies at 2:30PM. By 2PM, a small crowd had formed around the empty tables, clamoring for “Mae’s pies.” I took the devoted following as a favorable sign and went off in search of J, who “convinced” me to split one with him. The pies emerged from a fryer off site, fragrant and still warm.

Not what I expected, actually. I had envisioned a wedge of pie — perhaps battered — and deep fried. This was flaky pastry dough, wrapped Hot Pockets-style around fruit filling (here: peach), and dropped into oil… or more likely, lard.

Fried Pies

Oh. My. God.

Fried peach pie

Thankfully for my heart and waistline, I only discovered the glories of fried pie on the second to last day of the sale.

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August 12, 2007

How’d they taste, yo?

August 13, 2007

Outrageously good.
Reminded me a bit of the old McDonald’s apple pies — back when they were delicious and still deep fried — which is to say, before 1992 when they were replaced with a baked version… presumably for being too unhealthy. Yes: too unhealthy for McDonald’s! Oy!

August 13, 2013

Please give me your fried pie recipe. My Mother made them for our family about 50 yrs. ago. your photo looks just like hers. I wish I had written it down. she made the dried appricots and peaches mixed. sweet…but, kinda tart.
thank you, Gloria in Texas

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