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Thursday, March 8th, 2007 | All Things, Eats

For once, I didn’t have to rush back to the office after lunch, so we took the opportunity to venture a little farther in our eating adventures — east and south of Chinatown’s historic core, to the Fujianese-dominated quarter. We’d made a couple of noodle-inspired trips to these streets before, and in this cold, a bowl of some much-lauded spicy beef noodles seemed like just the thing. It was my first midday, mid-week jaunt to Super Taste, and I was surprised to find the noodle shop teeming with slurping diners — not an empty chair in sight.

Plan B brought us across Eldridge and down the stairs to Sheng Wang for the second time. The scene wasn’t much less crowded there, but ultimately we were able to snag the last two seats in the far corner table. From our chairs, we had a clear view into the rather dingy rear kitchen, where the Fuzhou fish balls are churned out en masse, and stacked on trays to dry out under oscillating fans. (Noodles seem to be pulled or cut by chefs in the second, smaller kitchen at the front of the shop.)

Sheng Wang kitchen

We ordered our bowls of the specialty hand-pulled noodles, which arrived in minutes, steaming hot and topped with chunky slices of tender beef, tangy pickled greens and those tasty pork-stuffed yu wan.  (SYB was missing out.)

Sheng Wang lai noodles

Are there better places to enjoy a bowl of noodle soup? A recent round-up of the city’s Asian noodle soups in Paper  cited nearby Golden Dragon Restaurant (7 Eldridge Street), in addition to Super Taste and Sheng Wang. And if the Chowhound boards are to be believed, family-run Eastern Noodles, a.k.a. Eastern Authentic Noodle House, is another worthy contender, and located just west on Forsyth – where the shop relocated after departing the noodle epicenter that is Eldridge Street.

There will be other Thursdays.

Dragon Land Bakery

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H20 Buffalo
March 25, 2007

Sadly G and I have not gone for hand pulled noodles at all this winter season. sad times. sad times.
are there any other hand pulled noodle shops not tucked away by Eldridge Street do ya know?

March 26, 2007

All the noodle shops I know are within those few blocks. But perhaps someone else out in the blogosphere knows? My latest obsession is the Japanese ramen
Let’s do it.

H20 Buffalo
March 26, 2007

That’s funny, a guy in our program says in japan they do all you can eat ramen nights, i.e. they go to as many ramen shops as they can hit in ONE night and just eat and eat and eat. I would love that challenge.
Can we try it or would we pass out by venue #3?

March 26, 2007

I think I would pass out. Or burst.
But this explains Japan’s supremacy in the competitive eating arena.

Go for it ...