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Beef, it’s what’s for dinner

Thursday, December 27th, 2007 | All Things, Eats, Friends

I now know two people who converted to vegetarianism after reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma, Michael Pollan’s reflection on ethical eating. Hmm, put that way, it sounds a bit like a cult. Pollan himself, though, is no vegetarian; rather, he promotes awareness of the origins and implications of our diet, and raises valid, disturbing points about factory farms, industrial agriculture, and resource inefficiency. I generally try to limit my meat intake anyway, at least as much from a health standpoint (heart disease, high cholesterol, cancer) as from the perspectives of environmental impact (water usage, waste contamination, rainforest destruction) and public health (food-borne illness, irradiation, antibiotics and growth hormones). But I also love a good burger, and every once in a while, I’ve been known to embrace fully, happily, the world of meats.

Like tonight, where we were gathered at Casa B for a sumptuous dinner of porterhouse steaks. Check out these thick, beautiful slabs from Omaha Steaks:

Omaha Steaks

Porterhouse steaks are T-bones cut from the marbled, larger, rear end of the short loin, and are comprised of both tenderloin (filet mignon) and New York strip steak sections. According to local lore, the name traces its origins to early 19th century New York City, where the steak was a popular menu item in public alehouses — or “porter houses.”

Our 1½ pound steaks were prepared simply, as all quality meat should be: liberally seasoned with salt and pepper and topped with spoonfuls of butter — Peter Luger-style, over which, most will agree, there can be little improvement.


Afterwards, the party moved into the living room, where after homemade desserts of chocolate bundt cake, apple crumble and Christmas cookies, we divided into teams of three for a rousing game of Cranium. Among the challenges tonight: do a Clint Eastwood impersonation, spell “c-a-r-a-m-e-l” backwards, hum “Brick House” by The Commodores, mold a lion out of blue clay, act out a “quadruple bypass” and draw a surfer with one’s eyes closed. Hunter women reign supreme!

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