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Saturday, November 3rd, 2007 | All Things, Arts

The 7 train wasn’t running all the way out to Main Street, which wreaked quite a bit of havoc on my travel plans all this weekend. As the wave of passengers spilled out in Corona where the fleet of shuttle buses were waiting on the street below, I spied a curiously costumed crew directing people to the Queens Museum of Art. I had to investigate.



Turns out that they were members of The NYC Decom Team, promoting NYC Decompression 2007 — the city’s official Burning Man offshoot. Like that annual eight-day long art event that draws tens of thousands to a remote lake bed in the Nevada desert, the Decompression Party was intended to draw creative-types to Flushing Meadows Corona Park–a place so chosen (according to the downloadable survival guide) as “like the Black Rock Desert… a location that may deter the casually curious but pique the interest of [the] genuinely committed.”

Count me among the “casually curious” then. I snapped these photos and continued on my way.

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