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Zaha at the Guggenheim

Sunday, July 2nd, 2006 | All Things, Arts, Friends

After last night’s dinner party at S & J’s — DIY spring rolls and almond pudding: all wonderfully delicious — I left with CS and the dogs in search of a cab uptown. It was such a beautiful night that for the next two hours, we strolled along the West Side, swapping stories as we walked, during which no less than three people approached us, cooing over the adorable dogs.

Happy to have a friend in the neighborhood.

The next day, at the Guggenheim’s Zaha Hadid exhibition. Got these shots off before a guard walked over and told me I was done.



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Summer reading

Saturday, July 1st, 2006 | All Things

The 7 train was not running into Manhattan this weekend, which added another transfer to my commute into Queens on Saturday… bleh. But the detour gave me the opportunity to check out the new(ish) “observation deck” at the Jackson Heights station — really just a Juliet balcony off of the subway platform, looking out onto the colored glass windows and street entrance below.


Later that day, I came across a display of “The Da Vinci Code” paperbacks. Now I consider myself a reasonably well-read person. The twin mountains of books in my living room will attest that my reading ambitions  at least are high. But I have not read “The Da Vinci Code.” No reason, really… I have nothing against Dan Brown as an author, nor do a begrudge the book’s phenomenal success, or the fact that it was made into a big budget Hollywood movie, starring Forrest Gump and Amelie. I was moderately intrigued by some of the write-ups in 2003, but then the book developed such a fanatical following, sparking the frenzied churnings of the media machine, and I just never got around to it. And suddenly, it seemed that the city — and the world — was overrun with people remarking with a mixture of smugness and incredulity, “I can’t believe you still haven’t read “The Da Vinci Code.”

So enough. I picked up my very own paperback edition on Saturday. This had better be good. (Heh.)

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Friday, June 30th, 2006 | All Things

SK invited me to a belated birthday lunch at Lemongrass Grill — my fifth day back in the country and already back on the Vietnamese food. Friday’s suddenly sunny skies had beckoned every downtown office drone into the streets; those not in the park were huddled around every available television set broadcasting the Germany-Argentina quarter-final. By the time the match went to penalty kicks, the din from the bar area had drowned out any possibility of conversation over spring rolls and papaya salads. But just as soon as it was over, the fans dispersed with remarkable speed, absorbed back into the glass and concrete towers from whence they came.

En route to the Wall Street station — with plenty of daylight still left, truly one of best things about summer — I was looking forward to spending an evening on a blanket in Central Park, where Joan Didion would be reading from her 2005 National Book Award winning work, The Year Of Magical Thinking.


But by the time I set out for the park 90 minutes later, the clouds had rolled back in, unleashing yet another storm of water.

So no Didion. I returned to the apartment, trading my blanket for an umbrella, and set out for a walk. Over at Lincoln Center, the Midsummer Night Swing musicians were packing up their instruments, and the plaza was cleared of dancers, save one lone couple swaying together in the drizzle.

Out front, an installation of boats — in progress:

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