Day: July 11th, 2007

“Eighteen whiskies. A record, I think.”

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007 | All Things, Friends

To ring in her third decade, AH had scheduled two weeks worth of celebrations in two states – the first of which was taking place tonight at Sincerely, the weekly Sapphic mixer at Dirty Disco on 14th Street. The club opened last Fall and is apparently too cool for a sign.

Dirty Disco

By the time we arrived, a few hours into the festivities, the guest of honor was in such a state it called to mind for me the anecdote about Dylan Thomas’ final visit to the White Horse Tavern on Hudson Street. According to legend, the Welsh poet collapsed at his favorite haunt on November 8, 1953 after uttering his famous last words. He died at St. Vincent’s Hospital the following morning. Wikipedia disputes the veracity of the story, putting the drunken declaration on November 3, a few days before the man’s demise. Either way, Thomas’ world-class boozer status is never in doubt.

On the way home — after we saw AH safely into a car — I met a burlesque dancer for the second time in my life.

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