Up, up, up and out

Sunday, February 25th, 2007 | All Things, Travel

The 6-mile ride back up to the rim took about an hour longer than the descent. Along the way, there were rest stops, during which the mules turned to face out into canyon as they caught their breaths, while we riders remained in our saddles and just enjoyed the view.

Plateau Point

Indian Gardens


A goat and raven, enjoying the same view:

Goat and Raven

The mules worked up quite a sweat tackling the Jacobs Ladder switchbacks, and as the temperatures dropped, the moisture on their fur turned to ice crystals.

Jacobs Ladder Rest

A look back at Plateau Point, the end of the trail. Hard to believe we were there just a couple hours earlier.

Plateau Point View

Mule Trail

Back at the corrals, our group dismounted before the small crowd that had gathered to catch the amusing spectacle. J and I hobbled our way back to the lodge, backs throbbing, knees buckling, bones aching,… and yes, it was entirely worth it.

Phantom Ranch in 2008?

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