Love among the produce

Saturday, August 12th, 2006 | All Things

Missed BB’s 7th Annual Big Leo Bash because I was stuck at work past 11:00PM for the second time in a month.   Though I probably shouldn’t complain, since I’d taken last Saturday off to attend DK’s wedding.

I did step outside at one point to pick up a snack at the Whole Foods Market at Time Warner Center.  Yikes.  Does the entire city converge in that store on Saturday afternoons?  Where did all these people shop for food before this 58,000 square foot haute-crunchy emporium opened in 2004?

I’d read somewhere that Whole Foods is one of the prime pick-up spots in the city — specifically, the prepared foods section where singles tend to congregate.  Perhaps the lighting, which makes the organic produce look so luscious, has the same effect on the patrons?

The CNN New York Studio at TWC:



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August 16, 2006

I will do some recon on the prepared foods section and will report back.

Go for it ...