Granny Squares

Thursday, July 20th, 2006 | All Things, Classes

My second crochet class started out much more smoothly than the first. Thanks to some hands-on tutoring from DM on Saturday and lots of late night practice, I was finally able to master the chain, single crochet, double crochet and triple crochet stitches. Well, “master” may be a bit strong, but at least I was able to create rows in general approximation of those basic stitches. Shame is a powerful motivator.

The class began with a review of last week’s lessons. Lisa called out the types of stitches for us to make and then circled the room to inspect our work individually. As she came to my desk, she pulled up a chair alongside — clearly anticipating the extra time and assistance I would need. She peered over my shoulder as I breathlessly awaited her verdict.

“Hey… nice work! Someone’s been practicing!”

My heart swelled with relief and nerdy pride. “YES, thank you!” I blurted out happily. “I practiced almost every day.”

Overhearing this exchange, another student piped up: “You did? Seriously?” Not mockingly, more… incredulously.

Too late, I recognized the absurdity of practicing “almost every day” for a non-credit continuing education crochet class… and then of actually admitting it out loud.

The class moved on to other starting techniques, the slip stitch, the half double crochet stitch, the bullion stitch, crocheting “around the post,” and finally, reading a granny square pattern.

My first granny square!

Granny Square

For inspiration, Lisa brought in some of her own (far more advanced) work to show — beautiful, sculptural swatches that filled me amazement, and a little bit of envy. (Also a powerful motivator.)

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July 24, 2006

Shame, envy…you are such a tortured soul.

Go for it ...