Food and fireworks

Tuesday, July 4th, 2006 | All Things, Family

The day of the barbecue started off hot and humid, and dark, ominous clouds threatened at any moment to unleash a torrent of rain. As we began grilling, we could hear the rumblings of thunder in the distance. After a few scattered rain droplets — which prompted some preemptive scurrying indoors — the sun broke through as if by miracle, holding off the rain for the rest of the party.

The unique scent of grilled burgers and insect repellant intermingled in the steamy air, calling to mind many summers past spent on that deck overlooking the East River.

Whitestone  Bridge

With bellies full of barbecue, apple pie and Beard Papa’s cream puffs, we settled into our chairs to watch the fireworks display from the South Bronx.

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